• Borrowers must show their student ID to be scanned by the librarian when borrowing books.
  • Borrowers are responsible for loans made out in their names.
  • Borrowers must not remove books from the LRC unless the loan transactions are encoded.
  • Borrowers may borrow a maximum of  three (3) books for 1 week, subject for renewal if not in demand.
  • BA faculty, staff and administrators may borrow a maximum of four(4) books for a period of one (1) week subject to recall.  This applies to books from the general circulation and Filipiniana  section, excluding books on Reserve.
  • Reserve books may be borrowed for room use for two(2) hours and may be renewed for another two (2) hours if there are no      prior requests from other users.  A user may borrow only five (5) at a time.  Reservation for reserve books is on a first –come , first served basis.
  • Reference books, periodicals, and materials in the special collection are restricted to room use.


  • Supplementary materials (textbook)-  1 week
  • General reference- library use only
  • Fiction and Nonfiction books- 7 days
  • Filipiniana, journals/magazines overnight


  • Materials returned late are subject to overdue fines, Sundays and Holidays are excluded in charging over dues. Overdue fines will be charged if not settled on time.
  • A fine of 2.00 will be collected/day for unreturned books.
  • Borrowing privileges of users are suspended if they have standing books or obligations at the  LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER.

General Rules on Behavior Inside the LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER

  • Leave your bags, foods and drinks at the cubbyhole outside door. Bring only notebook, pad paper and pen/pencil. Quietly enter the LRC and greet the librarian politely.
  • Silence must be observed at all times. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  • All borrowed materials must be returned personally to the librarian.  Do not delegate the duty to anybody, do it yourself.Keep things in order. Push the chair back against the table when leaving so it won’t obstruct the movements of others.
  • Student should not commit acts such as hiding, stealing books or other LRC materials; tearing out pages of the books or periodicals; forging signatures; and /or willfully destroying AV equipment. Serious offense of these kinds are punishable by corresponding sanctions, such as suspension of LRC privileges or being referred to the POD/Discipline Committee for disciplinary action.
  • Entertaining visitors in the LRC area is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to hang around the LRC  especially while waiting for somebody or just trying to kill time. Since the LRC is a place for reading and doing research work, no other activity should be done aside from these. Therefore, no discussion or meeting shall be conducted in the LRC.
  • Students are not allowed to use the LRC for safekeeping or storage of bags and other things. Nobody will leave his/her things in the library while attending other activities. Our librarians are not liable for any lost articles.
  • Lost books are to be reported to the librarian at once so that fines will not accumulate. Any lost book should be replaced or paid at the current market price.
  • Before leaving the counter the borrower should inspect the book and  report any damage that he/she discovered.